What the fuck is a 'luminary'?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a 'luminary' as

'a person of prominence or brilliant achievement'

We use this word to describe the people we feature. Our ever growing list of luminaries includes; activists, advocates, feminists, sport-stars, scientists and many others.

'Luminary' can also be used to define a body that gives light, IE. a candle, so we think it is especially fitting!


Is there only one luminary per fragrance?

Nope. All our candles and melts come with all of our luminaries, so if you would like to repurchase your favorite scent - chances are very very high you'll get someone different!


Can I request a certain luminary?

When you check out, leave a comment requesting who you would like (or would not like if you've had one before and want someone different). We cant pinky promise you'll get them, but we will try our very very hardest!!


Do you have a list of luminaries?

Do we ever!

- Rosa Parks

- Marie Curie

- Harvey Milk

- Munroe Bergdorf

- Charlie Perkins

- Emily Daveson

- LeBron James

- Alicia Garza

- Joshua Wong

- Pocahontas

- Georgia Perlasca

- Alan Turing

- Frederick Douglass

- Madam C.J Walker

- Ryan Sallans

- Gary Foley

- Chris Mosier

- Zelda D'Aprano

- Yusra Mardini

- Malala

- Julia Gillard

- Caroline Chisolm

- Jane Goodall

- Eddie Betts



If you'd like to learn more about these incredible people head over to our 'featured luminaries' tab and have a squiz at the more detailed write ups. We will be releasing more write ups as time goes on.



I would like to recommend a luminary to feature

Oh wonderful! Yes please! Send us an email at wokewicks@outlook.com


I see you donate 10% of profits to a different charity each month, Can I recommend a charity?

You certainly can! Again, email us at wokewicks@outlook.com with details of the charity and we will look into it!


I'm a right wing, racist, homophobe, transphobe, sexist antivaxxer with a very narrow view on the world, Will I like your candles?

Probably not